Your Journey to Wellness

Your journey to wellness starts by completing a health and wellness questionnaire followed by a physical or virtual assessment by a provider who may request a comprehensive lab test. 

The lab test and health questionnaire in addition to consulting with our medical provider and team will provide needed information about your health and wellness status, which is important in designing your customized treatment plan. 

Process at a glance:

  1. Contact our team.

  2. Download and complete Men's registration form OR Women's registration form.

  3. Download and complete informed consent form for Telemedicine. 

  4. Download and complete Wellness Psychology (coaching) consent form.

  5. Email completed forms to us confidentially at

  6.  Schedule appointment by calling us at 1-833-935-6377 OR click here to schedule appointment online.

  7. Pay required General (in-person) or Telemedicine consultation fees -online, or in-person - by cash, check, or credit card during your clinic visit.

  8. Consult with wellness provider

  9. Complete lab test. 

  10. Compounded medication is prescribed.

  11. Pay fees for medications.

  12. Compounded medication is designed specifically for your unique health, and wellness need.

  13. Followup consultation with a wellness team member will be scheduled as needed to support you through your wellness journey.



For more information, please get in touch today.

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